Brunch Menu

Brunch is available from 11am – 2pm


Cosmo Tidbits    27

Crispy Prawns, Crab Rangoon, Char Siu Pork & BBQ ribs


Avocado Toast   14

Sourdough bread, smoky aioli, avocado & susu curry


Salmon Toast   24

Sourdough bread,  arugula, cured salmon, dill cream cheese

Fried capers & fried waffle potatoes


Kalua Pork Hash   24

Slow cooked pork, fried waffle potatoes, fried eggs, sriracha aioli


Loco Moco   22

Angus beef patty, jasmine rice, fried egg & brown gravy


Tom & Jerry Stuffed French Toast   22

Thick cut brioche, cinnamon batter, maple syrup, fried banana


Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich   22

Moist butter milk fried chicken, crispy bun, smoky aioli drizzle

Katsu slaw, fried waffle potatoes


The Bazaar Breakfast    18

2 Eggs (choice of scrambled, over easy, or fried, buttered toast

Tater puffs & chicken apple sausage


Fried Waffle Potatoes  8

Cheese sauce, Sriracha aioli


Tropical Fruit Cup   7

Pineapple, mango, strawberry & cherry


Chicken Apple Sausage   10

2 each, served with caramelized onion & peppers


Bloody Tidbits    16

Classic Bloody Mary topped with a BBQ Spare Riblet

Crab Rangoon, & Crispy Prawn


Tropical Mimosa    12

Choice of Classic Orange, Pineapple, Guava

Mango, or Passion Fruit