Festive Party Libations:

The ancient Polynesian’s ceremonial Luau drinks were serve in festive communal bowls.


Rum Keg

Pineapple, light and dark rums with apricot and passion fruit flavors (serves 4 people)


Lanyu Punch Bowl

A combination of light and gold rums, guava and apricot, topped with sparkling wine (serves 2 people)

Scorpion Bowl

A festive concoction of rums, fruit juices and brandy with a whisper of almond, bedecked with a flower  (serves 4 people)

Kava Bowl

Light and aromatic rums, fruit juices, grenadine, and almond syrups (serves 4 people)

Trader Vic’s Rum Cup

A frosty froth of fine rums, orange, lemon and lime with liquors (serves 2 people)

tiki bowl

A delightful punch of light and dark rums, brandy and almond mixed with orange juice (serves 2 people)



Home of the Original Mai Tai®
Pinky Gonzalez

An old friend of Señor Pico, made with tequila

Maui mai tai

Pineapple juice, our Mai Tai mix, and dark rum

Mango tai

Even more tropical…with mango

guava mai tai

Light and gold rums and guava

Mai Tai Wave
Surf this wave with us… Try three of our favored Mai Tai’s in one ride, Guava, Maui, Mango

For those merry souls who seek and enjoy a really refreshing drink:

The Sours
Coconut Drinks
Tropical Drinks
The Strong

Pirates, Buccaneers and Beachcombers never bandy their drinking. For them we offer:

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Many delicious drinks around the world are made without liqueurs and with delicate flavours. We offer the following:

Soft Banana Cow
A refreshing blend of milk and banana