banana fritters

Tempura fried banana, Malacca sauce, vanilla ice cream

kona creme brulee

Coffee flavored creme brulee

passion fruit coconut cake

Tropical passion fruit cake topped with coconut flakes

banana island mousse

Bruleed banana, frozen chocolate peanut butter mousse

crimson maraschino cake

Maraschino cherry cake over smoked pineapple, set ablaze with over-proof rum

molten chocolate lava cake

Warm ganache center, creme anglaise, and powdered sugar, topped with vanilla ice cream

ice cream & sorbet

Coconut pineapple, Vanilla, Rum, Mango Sorbet

After Dinner Drinks
Tahitian coffee

Blend of rum and coffee with special cream topping

coffee grog

Coffee, rum, Grand Marnier and coconut

tahitian mudslide

Gold rum, Bailey’s, amaretto, Kahula , and cream

black stripe

Fine Jamaican rum, hones, crushed cherries, and spices, served hot!

white cloud

Coconut, creme de cacao and vodka

pink cloud

Creme de Noyaux, white creme de cacao and cream

trader vic’s hot buttered rum

Light rum, buttered rum, cinnamon, and hot water