Tidbits & Pupus

Peanut Butter & Crackers         4
Trader Vic’s signature peanut butter with crackers
Can be served individually upon request

BBQ Spare Ribs      24
Sugar cured & dipped in our signature BBQ glaze
Slow cooked to perfection

Veggie Spring Rolls    12
Julienned vegetables in a crispy spring roll wrapper
Served with sweet chili sauce

Chicken Lettuce Cups    12
Ginger, water chestnuts, shiitake mushrooms, pine nuts, spicy hoisin sauce
*Can substitute tofu for chicken 

Crab Rangoon      13
Spiced crab & cream cheese filled crispy wonton

Chili Coconut Wings                12
Chicken wings braised in brandy & spices, fried crispy & finished with chili coconut sauce

Crispy Prawn      14
Marinated & breaded in Japanese bread crumbs

Maui Waui Shrimp      12
Coconut crusted shrimp with katsu slaw & chili lime aioli

Tuna Poke      17
Yellowfin tuna, avocado, wonton crisps, signature dressing

Artichoke Crab Dip      14
Crab meat, artichoke bottoms
Parmesan cheese, tortilla chips

Soups & Salads

Trader Vic’s Salad 11
Mixed greens, heart of palm, tomato, artichoke, classic Javanese dressing
Side  5.50

Bongo Bongo     12
Seasoned bisque of oyster & fresh spinach Finished with bruleèd cream 
Cup  8

Iceberg Wedge Salad     12
Blue cheese dressing, crispy bacon 

Hawaiian Chicken Salad 22
Macadamia nut chucken salad, romaine hearts, fresh seasonal fruit & honey mustard seed dressing

Duck Noodle Soup 15
Crispy sliced duck breast, rice noodles, fragrant broth, mushroom, scallions

Burgers & Sandwiches

Trader Vic’s Burger            15    
Sesame seed bun, classic toppings & Vic’s secret sauce
Add aged cheddar cheese for $1
Get it Cho Cho Style: 
Teriyaki glaze + pineapple $2
Beyond Style:
Beyond Patty + avocado $4

Hawaiian Chicken Sliders  16
Macadamia nut chicken salad, shredded lettuce, tomato, honey mustard dressing, 
Sweet Hawaiian bun

Dungeness Crab Melt    21
Buttered sourdough, creamy crab & artichoke spread, smoked gouda

BBQ Salmon Sliders         16
Pan seared salmon patties, katsu slaw, smokey aioli, sweet Hawaiian buns, sliced jalapeño


Singapore Noodle Bowl
Stir-fried noodles & julienned vegetables with light susu curry
Choose one of the following proteins:
Chicken   15       Shrimp   16  
Tofu         12      Char Siu Pork    14 

Beef & Reef 28
Wok’d beef tenderloin, prawns, bell pepper, red onion, oyster sauce. Served over jasmine rice

Volcano Shrimp    17
Stir fried garlic shrimp, veggies, shallots, sweet & spicy sauce
Served over jasmine rice 

“All In” Fried Rice    16
Stir fried vegetables, egg, green onions, chicken, shrimp, pork & soy sauce

Fish & Chips             20
Fresh local cod, crunchy batter, fries, Katsu slaw, Vic’s tartar sauce

Island Salmon 21
Pan seared, coriander vinaigrette, charred lemon bok choy & fingerling potato

Hawaiian Pork Stir Fry         20
Twice cooked pork medallions with pineapple, peppers, red onion, sweet & sour sauce

Huli Huli Chicken 17
Marinated & grilled to perfection 
Served with steamed rice & sautéed bok choy with garlic

Creek Stone Farm 12oz Rib Eye   42
Dipped in garlic, ginger & soy, served with butter glazed parsley potatoes & broccolini. Finished with Malagasy butter

Aloha Bowls

Seasoned sushi rice & dressed greens with crisp carrots & daikon radish, edamame, avocado 
Select one of the proteins from below

Tuna Poke 21
Signature Poke Dressing

Pork 18
Hoisin Sauce, Sriracha Aioli

Duck 22
Chinese 5-Spice

Tofu 16
Hoisin Sauce, Sriracha Aioli


Spiced Fries 5

Sweet Potato Fries     5

Hawaiian Fried Rice     8

Stir Fried Veggies      8

Lemon Charred Bok Choy    8

Roasted Broccolini      8

Butter Glazed Potatoes     8


Mai Tai Creme Brulee    8

Chocolate Lava Brownie      8
Classic chocolate brownie with hot fudge lava sauce & cookie crumbles

Banana Bread Pudding   8
Fresh banana, chocolate chips, & caramel drizzle

Rum Ice Cream   8
Praline sauce


Chicken Tenders with Fries  11

Coconut Shrimp with Fries  11