Tidbits & Pupus

Bits and bites meant to be shared

Cosmo Tidbits 

Trader Vic’s original pupu platter

A sampling of crispy prawns, char siu pork,

Crab rangoon & BBQ ribs for two


BBQ Spare Ribs

Sugar cured & dipped in our signature BBQ glaze

Slow cooked to perfection


Beef Cho Cho

Light up the night with a flaming hibachi while you cook these

tender bites in our one of a kind soy-ginger glaze


Crab Rangoon

Vic’s favorite tidbit, these crispy crab & cream cheese filled wontons

are sure to kickstart your appitite!


Crispy Prawn

The original “crispy prawn”

Finished with a light crispy panko crust for the avid shrimp lover


Cheese Bings

A classic tidbit from the 80’s, made famous at the Beverly Hilton

Nutmeg seasoned béchamel with Gruyére cheese & smoked ham, rolled in a crepe

Finished in a crispy panko crust


Veggie Spring Rolls (v)

Julienned vegetables in a crispy spring roll wrapper

Served with sweet chili sauce


PBC  (v)

Our signature homemade peanut butter

Served with sesame seed crackers

Soups & Salads

Light & refreshing or warm & comforting, there’s something to satisfy every mood

Wonton Soup

Shrimp & pork dumplings, bok choy

Fragrant chicken broth



Curried Cauliflower Bisque (v)

Coconut milk & crispy leek, topped with herb oil


Trader Vic’s Salad

Mixed greens, heart of palm, artichoke, endive & cherry tomato

Our famous Javanese dressing

*Add chicken, grilled shrimp or salmon


Beet Carpaccio (v) (GF)

Yellow beets, chévre, watercress, chili oil

Taro haystack & honey-ginger glaze


Falafel Salad (v)

Baby gem, watermelon radish, cucumber, tomato, red onion

Falafel croutons, tahini-lemon dressing



To ease those hungry souls before the main arrival

Maui Waui Shrimp

Coconut shrimp tossed in a spicy chili aioli

With katsu slaw


Tuna Poke

Yellowfin tuna served raw, avocado, taro chips, signature dressing


Vic’s Crispy Roll  (v)

Sushi rice, Current Foods plant-based tuna, tempura, Sriracha aioli


Hawaiian Chicken Skewers

Seasoned chicken skewer with soy-ginger glaze & oven-smoked pineapple


Lettuce Cups  (v)

Impossible meat, ginger, garlic, soy

Fresno chili, scallions & gem lettuce


Kalbi Short Rib

Korean marinade, pickled vegetables, fresh herbs, lettuce cups

Trader Vic’s Favorites

After sailing the seven seas we present to you a selection of classic & newly inspired dishes


Island Fried Rice (V*) (GF*)

Our signature rice blend with

Tender pieces of chicken, our famous char siu pork, pineapple

Together with ginger, garlic, egg, soy, green onion


Beef & Reef

Marinated beef tenderloin stir fried with tiger prawns

Sweet pepper, Bermuda onion & our signature sauce

Accompanied by Jasmine rice


Cauliflower Curry  (v) (GF)

Cashew-madras curry base, coconut milk, jasmine rice

Our signature curry condiment tray


 Chili Coconut Chicken

Tender pieces of chicken stir fried with peppers, onions, green beans & water chestnuts.
Served with spicy coconut sauce over Jasmine rice


Macadamia Mahi Mahi 

Macadamia crusted, kimchi potato, lobster butter sauce, garlic broccolini


5 Spice Half Duck

Slow cooked & shredded duck finished with its own fat & 5 spice salt

Along with moo shoo pancakes, hoisin sauce, cucumber, scallions


Halo’o Stir Fry (V)

Blend of oyster, shiitake & pickled shimeji mushrooms

King mushrooms, garlic, ginger, green onion, Mongolian sauce

Crispy shallot & jasmine rice


Kew Pake Beef

Braised short rib in Mongolian sauce with red onion & pepper
Broccolini, jalapeno, scallion & sesame seeds
Served with Jasmine rice

From the Wood Fired Oven

Our ovens are custom made and can be traced back to the Han Dynasty (206 B.C. to 220 A.D.). Meats, fowl and seafood are suspended from hooks and slowly cooked over a hardwood fire, producing a unique and original flavor.


Pork Chop

Bone-in with our signature soy marinade

Sautéed spinach, sweet potato mash

Maui onion marmalade


Miso Salmon  (GF*)

Hot smoked salmon, fennel pear salad

Kimchi potato, crispy leek


Indonesian Rack of Lamb (GF*)

Marinated New Zealand lamb, BBQ pineapple

Singapore noodles & spiced chutney


Smoked Veal Ribs 

Marinated veal ribs, smoked in the Chinese oven

Finished with house BBQ sauce

Sweet potato mash, sautéed garlic spinach


Jerked Half Chicken

Charred lemon, sweet potato mash, garlic broccolini


Creek Stone Farms Wood-Fired Beef

Our beef is dipped in garlic, ginger & soy

Served with garlic whipped potato, crispy creamed spinach

Malagasy butter

8oz Tenderloin

14oz Striploin


Spiced Fries   (v) (GF)

Sweet Potato Fries   (v) (GF)
Hawaiian Fried Rice  

Crispy Creamed Spinach (v)

Halo’o Mushrooms  (v) 

Lemon Charred Broccolini  (v) (GF)

Kimchi Whipped Potato  (v) (GF)