Tidbits & Pupus

Cosmo Tidbits

Trader Vic’s original pupu platter

A sampling of crispy prawns, char siu pork crab rangoon

& BBQ ribs for two


BBQ Spare Ribs

Sugar cured & dipped in our signature BBQ glaze

Slow cooked to perfection


Beef Cho Cho

 Light up the night with a flaming hibachi while you cook these tender bites in our one of a kind soy-ginger glaze


Crab Rangoon

Vic’s favorite tidbit, these crispy crab & cream cheese

filled wontons are sure to kickstart your appetite!


Crispy Prawn

The original “crispy prawn”

Finished with a light crispy panko crust for the avid shrimp lover


Cheese Bings

A classic tidbit from the 80’s, made famous at the Beverly Hilton

Nutmeg seasoned béchamel with Gruyére cheese & smoked ham, rolled in a crepe

Finished in a crispy panko crust


Veggie Spring Rolls (v)

Julienned vegetables in a crispy spring roll wrapper

Served with sweet chili sauce

Soups, Salads & Bowls


Wonton Soup

 Shrimp & pork dumplings, bok choy

Fragrant chicken broth


Bongo Bongo Soup

Seasoned bisque of oyster & fresh spinach

Finished with bruleèd cream


Trader Vic’s Salad

Mixed greens, heart of palm, artichoke, endive & cherry tomato

Our famous Javanese dressing

*Add chicken, grilled shrimp or salmon


Green Goddess

Bibb lettuce hearts, fresh chives

Tossed in a tarragon & watercress-anchovy dressing


Caesar Salad

Garlic croutons, parmesan crisp

Ginger spiked Caesar dressing

*Add chicken, grilled shrimp or salmon


Hawaiian Chicken Salad

Poached chicken salad tossed with macadamia nuts

Over baby greens with fresh fruit & honey mustard dressing


Tuna Poke

Yellowfin tuna served raw, avocado, wonton crisps

Signature dressing

Aloha Bowls

Seasoned sushi rice & dressed greens with crisp carrots & daikon radish

Edamame, avocado

Select one of the proteins from below


Tuna Poke

Signature Poke Dressing



Smokey Aioli



Smokey Aioli


Choice of Spiced Fries, Sweet Potato Fries or Trader Vic’s Salad


Hawaiian Cubana

Traditional soft bread, shaved Kahlua pork, smoked ham

House pickles, dijonaise


Trader Vic’s Burger

House ground Angus beef patty, aged cheddar cheese

Classic toppings, Vic’s secret sauce

Order “Cho Cho” or “Beyond” style


Chi Chi Ciabatta Sandwich

Crispy lamb, chimichurri, red onion

Gruyère cheese, grilled pineapple, soft ciabatta bread


BBQ Salmon Sliders 

Pan seared salmon patties, katsu slaw, smokey aioli

Sweet Hawaiian buns, sliced jalapeño


“All In” Fried Rice (v*) (GF*)

Our signature rice blend with

Tender pieces of chicken, our famous char siu pork, shrimp

Together with ginger, garlic, egg, soy, green onion


BBQ Vegetable Tofu (v)

BBQ veggies, crispy tofu, hoisin garlic sauce

Served with jasmine rice


Beef & Reef

 Marinated beef tenderloin stir fried with tiger prawns

Sweet pepper, Bermuda onion & our signature sauce

Accompanied by Jasmine rice


Señor Pico Shrimp Tacos  (GF*)

Spiced shrimp, fresh avocado, chipotle cream

Cabbage, soft corn tortilla


Chili Coconut Chicken

 Tender pieces of chicken breast stir fried with peppers

Onions, water chestnuts, finished with spicy coconut sauce


Singapore Noodles (V*)

 Curry scented egg noodles stir fried with ginger, garlic

Julienned vegetables, green onions, susu curry powder

Shrimp, chicken & char siu pork