New Take Out Menu !

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Cosmo Tidbits   20

Trader Vic’s original pupu platter

A sampling of crispy prawns, char siu pork

Crab Rangoon & BBQ ribs for two

BBQ Spare Ribs   22

 Sugar cured & dipped in our signature BBQ glaze

Slow cooked to perfection

Cheese Bings   12

Panko crusted & filled with smoked ham

Gruyère & Emmental cheese

5 Spice Chicken Wings   12

Chicken wings braised in brandy & spices

Fried crispy, finished with Five Spice Seasoning

Veggie Spring Rolls   8

Julienned vegetables, wrapped in a spring roll wrapper

Served with sweet chili sauce

Crispy Dumplings   8

Shrimp & pork with ginger & spices with sweet chili sauce

Crab Rangoon   12

Spiced crab & cream cheese filled crispy wonton

Crispy Prawns   12

Marinated and breaded in Japanese bread  crumbs

Soups & Salads

Wonton Soup   10

Shrimp & pork dumplings with baby bok choy in soy-ginger broth

Caesar Salad   10

Garlic croutons, shaved parmesan & ginger Caesar dressing

Chicken        Grilled Salmon 

Trader Vic’s Salad   10

Crisp romaine, heart of palm artichoke, tomato

Classic Javanese dressing

Burgers & Sandwiches

Brioche Bun, Classic Toppings, Vic’s Secret Sauce

Your Choice of Spiced or Sweet Potato Fries

Marinated Chicken  15          Marinated Salmon  17

Hamburger   15                     Veggie Patty   13

Add on Aged Cheddar Cheese 


Aloha Bowls

Stir fried vegetables with garlic & ginger

Jasmine rice, sweet & sour sauce, spring onions

Choose one of the following proteins:

Chicken  15     Shrimp  16     Tofu  12    Char Siu Pork 14    Beef  17

Broccoli Stir Fry

Shallots, & garlic in a savory oyster sauce

Jasmine rice & spring onions

Choose one of the following proteins:

Chicken  15     Shrimp   16    Tofu   12    Char Siu Pork  14     Beef  17

Volcano Shrimp   16

Stir fried garlic shrimp, veggies, shallots

Sweet & spicy sauce, over Jasmine rice

“All In” Fried Rice   16

Stir fried vegetables, egg, green onions

Chicken, shrimp, soy sauce

Teriyaki Salmon   17

Sesame ginger marinated salmon

Hoisin bok choy, black lentil ragu, wasabi aioli

Beef & Reef   17

Beef tenderloin, shrimp, onion

Red pepper & baby corn

Kalua Pork Plate   15

Slow cooked pork, mac salad, Sriracha aioli

Kids Menu

Chicken Tenders or Coconut Shrimp with Fries   6


Steamed Jasmine Rice   3

Aloha Mac Salad   4

Veggies   4

Spiced or Sweet Potato Fries   5

Peanut Butter & Crackers   4

Trader Vic’s signature coconut peanut butter with crackers

Mango Cheesecake   5

Cream cheese & mango swirled cheesecake, graham cracker crust

White chocolate shaving


Sodas   4

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Beer

Club Soda, Tonic

The Following Beverages are available for Pick-up

at the restaurant only:

Trader Vic’s Cocktails   16

Mai Tai, Navy Grog, Trader Vic’s Grog, Bahia

Samoan Fogcutter,  Chi Chi , Scorpion, Singapore Symphony

Mixers   7

Mai Tai, Navy Grog, Trader Vic’s Grog, Bahia

Virgin Cocktails    9

No Tai Mai Tai, Puerto Principe

Wines by the Bottle    25

Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé

Bottled Beer   5

Modelo Especial, Laguanitas IPA, Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat