Trader Vic’s October Cocktail Lab

During the month of October, we are featuring a style of Rum from the French Caribbean known as Agricole Rhum. What makes this rhum unique? Originating from the island of Martinique, this rhum is distilled from fresh pressed sugar cane juice as opposed to molasses, and follows rigorous regulations set forth by the Department of Agriculture within the French government (A.O.C). This style of rhum makes up less than 5% of the overall rum production in the world. The flavors are fresh, clean and complex, ranging from fresh fruits like pineapple and bananas to savory notes of green grass and white pepper. Rhum Clement, established in 1887 by the founder Homere Clement, who is considered the “Godfather of Agricole” was responsible for setting the standard for rhum production on Martinique as well as bringing this beautiful spirit to the world around it. We hope you enjoy our collaborations.